My name is E. I’m a 35 year old woman who started suffering from an ever increasing number of physical problems about 6 years ago. Some of my health problems now have names and courses of action that go with them, and some of them still do not.

The process of waiting for my diagnoses while I got sicker and sicker was one of the loneliest experiences I’ve ever had. I want to share some of that experience here and to hopefully create a forum for others who are going through similar experiences to connect and share with one another.

I am not a medical professional, so this site is not meant to give medical advice. It’s meant as a space for people with serious and chronic illnesses who are waiting or who have experience waiting for a diagnosis to share our stories, our fears, our hopes and our joys with each other in order to make this process feel just a little bit less lonely.

Welcome to Our Waiting Room!


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. waitingfortheresults says:

    Thank you both so much! I’m looking forward to sharing and learning here! Shelby, Lyme is one of my diagnoses. It was probably the most complicated one to figure out to date. Having multiple different things to diagnose definitely made for a much longer process, but it was bananas all of the things I had to rule out before I could even test for Lyme!

    Indisposed, I’m so glad other people here are writing about being undiagnosed! I’m really looking forward to reading your posts as well!


  2. chemicalfreemomma says:

    I began my blog for the exact same reason. I am looking forward to being on this journey together with others who can understand where I am coming from.

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